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A change is gonna come

Think of change as a big wheel set in motion by the universe. The wheel is powerful, unstoppable and it knows where it´s going.

Do you really want to speed things up by stressing and running inside the wheel (like you would in a rat race) or would it be wiser to lay down low and enjoy the ride?

With change, the universal power takes charge of your life for a while. The universe has decided that you´re ready – either to get un-stuck and/or to move forward in your life. You can resist all you want and lose valuable time doing so, or you can throw yourself at the mercy of a higher power much bigger than yourself and trust that this is all in your best interest. You are ready to grow, expand your vision, see things clearer, increase your power and life force and love more than you ever thought possible. Exciting stuff, and yes, scary too!

Becoming a parent is one the biggest changes ever, and you should feel every emotion under the sun while parenting this beautiful new life you helped to create. Being a parent should shake you to your core (yearly), rattle you on every level (monthly) and make you question everything you think you know (daily).

But what usually happens with change?

Our ego, that holds onto our belief system like it´s life depends on it (it kinda does) flares up. Change for the ego, is like throwing water on a Gremlin. It will whine, scream, blame and try to control the change and everyone involved in it. It will mess with your thoughts, BIG TIME, trying to get the power back.

“This is not working out, you´re no good at this! Think sensibly, listen to other people’s advice, you can´t trust yourself! Plan this out, take prisoners if you need, but you need to get this situation under control!”

The ego need to be sure in order to control the future. It needs to know it all to feel safe. But this is a new situation. How can you know when you have never experienced anything like this before? How can you be sure, when everything is about to change?

So let the ego whine, let it get it all out of it´s system – fear is also an emotion that needs to be let out, and this is what most of us don´t get.

ALL emotions need to be allowed to come and go, even fear. So whine and cry, let out all your fears of inadequacy and listen to other´s whining too, when they are fearful of change. They are only words, the ego´s language. Just like babies need to cry, since it is the only language they know, the ego also needs to cry – with words. Don´t ssshhhush it. Listen. What is it afraid of? Turn all of its fears upside down and calm it down, like you would a crying baby.

I don´t know what I´m doing! – I´m learning every minute and trusting my instincts.

How am I going to be enough? – Love has no limits and I have plenty to give to everyone.

When the ego runs out of complaints and is soothed into sleeping, the second and the most important part of change can commence.

Breakdown or breakthrough?

This is what the universe always wants for you when it grants you the gift of life or any life changing situation – to get you from your head back into your heart and even deeper, into your gut, where the deepest, scariest emotions live and breathe. People call this stage a nervous breakdown, a collapse, a meltdown, apathy or even depression.

Whatever word we use, the consensus is that it´s SCARY and a place to ESCAPE FROM ASAP. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is our natural way of living – being at peace, listening to our emotions and making decisions based on our gut feeling, instead of running around like headless chicken, asking for other people´s advice, and making “sensible decisions” after thinking about things through for countless sleepless nights.

Chance begs us for TIME. The core feelings of shame and guilt, apathy and sadness need to be seen, heard, felt and then let go in order for us to move forward. These are the feelings that naturally drag us down, not into depression, but from our head to our heart to our gut. We need our intuition to be awakened.

Parenting is a job for the heart, since babies need love more than they need milk. The chubbiest babies are abundantly loved and you could feed an unloved baby as much milk as possible, and still it would be fragile and weak inside. Same thing with older children, and yes, with adult too. We all need love to nourish us.

If you are a new mother with a baby, give yourself a gift of a postpartum period of how ever long you need to be able to open your heart to this baby. If you have an older child, you might recognize that if you didn´t allow yourself to go “down” after birth, you have probably been down at times since, and that´s ok. It´s never too late to sink into yourself, and we can go as deep as we choose, and even deeper with every change that happens inside or outside of us.

As deep as you are willing to go, the higher up you´ll get – as below, so above.

Only when we stubbornly run away from love, by refusing to go down, and only when we choose to let the ego rule us, does the universe run OVER US with that wheel. It really does want what´s best for us, so it will smack us down, and make us stay there, so there will be no other choice but to feel. You´ll start with feeling the ego´s wrath no doubt, but eventually, you will get there, to love. And after you do, you´ll love and understand all the emotions like never before. You´ll look out for change, welcome it, even want it. The fear will be gone and love will rule.

When you allow the universe to change your life, YOU will become that big wheel of change. The universal power will move through you and YOU will change people´s lives.

In this Babyjoy blog I write about the things that I see, feel and do. You are free to disagree, do not read anything as gospel. I write to clear my head and make sense of this world, and I hope my writings make you think and move you in one way or the other. Thank you for reading! Tara XX

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