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Babyjoy is on a mission – to unleash our inner power through emotional freedom!

Gone are the days when we need to know it all, and parent from a pedestal. Our children are masters of emotions, they are not afraid to show their feelings as they haven´t been brainwashed by society´s expectations yet. They should teach us parents! For this we need to overcome our beliefs and surrender our ego, the beloved creator of expectations.

Emotions unlock our inner power, but when ego takes charge, emotions can really hurt us (and our loved ones if we lash them out), because they are trying to force their message through to us at all costs, much like life, that will gift us with different events, to finally make us FEEL our way through life instead of THINKING our way through life. I should know, since this happened to me!

Emotional skills are new skills our generation of parents are learning – we were not taught by our parents or at school, that there actually is a method to the madness! I urge parents to adopt a mindset of a learner, and to embrace the journey of parenting alongside their child. The world looks so different seen by the eyes of the child, and wouldn´t it be sad to miss the opportunity to have that experience again?

Why wouldn´t we give ourselves the opportunity to be reborn with the help of the next generation, always wiser than the previous one?

Babyjoy will make the learning fun – like a game, where you haven´t completed the game of growing up until you´ve aced all the levels of growth – surrendered to feeling all of your emotions. You can´t skip the lower levels and pretend to be all grown up.

First you learn to crawl, then walk, then run.

Babyjoy will have inspiring blog posts and newsletter´s on emotional learning.

Short e-books on topics like giving birth, the baby´s first year, the terrible two´s (which is in fact THE BEST AGE EVER), guiding our children (and ourselves) through emotions such as shame, guilt, apathy, sadness, fear and anger will be available in the year 2019.

Teenagers are also on our list of fascinating species here on earth, so resources on how to keep your hair from going grey with our fantastic teens driving us into… love and acceptance, will also be available.

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