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Grow Up Together Podcast

Not everyone grows up together in their relationship, in fact not everyone grows up at all!

Our podcast is a fly on the wall conversation between a married couple who consciously made the commitment to grow up together.

We are Tara and Jason, both Brits living in Finland. We found each other through a bit of a Miracle (we talk about this on our first podcast) and for the past six years we have grown up together a lot! On our podcast we openly talk about the topics we’ve worked out and the ones we’re still working on.

We have both experienced many life lessons via our first marriages, then through divorcing, but mainly through our amazing kids (Tara´s three and Jason´s two) We are now married to each other (for the rest of our lives, since we are both way too lazy to go on again), living together, and now separately (we love change!) with a blended family of seven. To make life uncomplicated and easy, we also cater to the needs of one huge Irish wolfhound and three very stubborn cats. We are also both entrepreneurs, which comes with it´s challenges.

We have committed to never shy away from the tough topics, to stay young, to hold each other accountable and most importantly – to have fun. We are consciously adapting to each other’s needs through emotional understanding and radical honesty. We hope that by sharing our experiences you might find some food for thought or at least a few laughs. We don´t take life too seriously!

First podcast out in January 2019!

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