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From Fraud to Feeling Fantastic – My Story

This here is a part of my book, to be published… when and how, that I don´t know. These days I´m good with not knowing. I feel it in my bones that my story can empower mothers and fathers to find their true selves, and ultimately become as loving and nurturing to themselves as they […]

Postpartum tips for dad

Dear Daddy to be, pregnancy and childbirth are completely transforming experiences for women, mentally and physically. Her body and her mind are being stretched daily. Her body is heavy and swollen, she has gained weight and has maybe suffered from nausea or other pregnancy related issues. Hormone fluctuations and trouble sleeping at night have an […]

The balancing act of praising – too little or too much?

I say we all need praise. We all need lifting up. If you lift a person up instead of being indifferent or putting them down, you will earn a place in their heart. I bet you haven´t forgotten the person who always praised you. Who was it or who is it?

The boy on the escalator

It´s easy to numb ourselves in a situation where we feel helpless and it´s easy to blame others for our helplessness. When we really have no idea what to do differently, we need the people, who do have some idea, to help us. We need to start caring for not only our children, but all the children. They all belong to us.

A change is gonna come

Becoming a parent is one the biggest changes ever and you should feel every emotion under the sun while parenting this beautiful new life you created. Being a parent should shake you to your core (yearly), rattle you on every level (monthly) and make you question everything you think you know (daily).

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