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Me and my book babies!

My name is Tara Lange. I am a 45 year old mother of three (8, 13 & 16 yo), an entrepreneur and author from Finland, the happiest nation on earth according to the UN.

My mission is to bring JOY to all of our most important relationships – ourselves, our partners and our children.

If we want to deepen our connection, we too, must go deep, and I am here to tell you that digging deep into your emotions is going to be the best journey you have ever been on!

I have been supporting parents in many different roles since 2006 – working in a maternity store for 7 years and as a birth doula and post partum doula. I founded Babyjoy in 2014, but sold it two years later to concentrate on writing, studying and lecturing.

Now I´m back, ready to spread the message of parenting joy in English!

I am mostly known as an author and a family coach – a (brutally) honest spokeswoman for the emotional well-being of children and parents alike. I blog for Finland’s largest website for holistic health and wellbeing, Hidasta Elämää. In the five years I have been an entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of hosting nearly two dozen retreats, I´ve held over 20 eight week mother and child groups, I´ve created four online courses and given countless lectures all over Finland.

My new life started when my daughter fell ill with kidney disease in 2013. Life as a single mother of three become unbearable. I was willing to change everything in my family´s life, but mostly within myself. With a complete change in lifestyle, A LOT of emotional healing, a strict diet and green juices (in this order), my daughter recovered after a year of being very ill. I too was healed, from anger and impatience, that had sucked up all the fun in my life and made me lonely and miserable.

After this transformational year, I quit my job, knowing I had to spread the message of the lessons I had learnt. I founded Babyboy and started lecturing, and was soon asked by Viisas Elämä publishing in Finland to write a book about my experience. I wrote two books – Vihermehu – about green juices and healing, and the other – Äitipeli – about conscious parenting from the heart.

The biggest publisher in Finland, Otava, collaborating with the Hidasta Elämää website I blog for, gave me the honor of writing two books. These books – Tikapuut rakkauteen – tunne elämäsi – and – Tikapuut rakkauteen – tunne itsesi – are about emotional growth and understanding our emotions. I am currently writing my third book for Otava, to be published in August 2019. This book is about understanding emotional needs in a relationship.

In the Babyjoy blog I write about the things that I see, feel and do. You are free to disagree, do not read anything as gospel. I write to clear my head and make sense of this world, and I hope my writings make you think and move you in one way or the other. Thank you for reading!

Five books in five years, countless lectures, courses and retreats and I am still bursting with energy, ready to spread my message – this time in English!

My actual babies!

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